Matt Dillon
Digital Product Designer


I’m a skilled designer and design leader with extensive experience managing teams and delivering successful outcomes.
I deeply understand how customer engagement, user interaction and great customer experiences are central to successful products and services.

Having worked in high-value corporates and startups alike, I'm passionate about driving businesses towards success.

With expertise in customer experience and technology, I am frequently relied upon to navigate between these two areas. Backed by years of experience, I have a strong understanding and a history of building engaging digital products on cloud-based platforms.

I have a proven track record of effective communication and the ability to simplify complex issues. I possess excellent organisational skills and can effectively coordinate multiple work streams, prioritise tasks, and allocate resources for complex work programs.

A genuine collaborator, I support team members and stakeholders with a clear vision and effective practices to create the right experiences and product features for positive outcomes.


Tally Group

Product and Experience Design Lead


Trade Me

Senior Product Manager


Flux Federation

Senior Product Manager, Customer Engagement



Head of Design


NEC Smart Cities

Head of Design



Product Design Lead



Product Design Strategy and Development

People Leadership

Expert Collaboration

User Engagement

Creating and Delivering Outstanding User Experiences

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With expertise in user engagement, product development, strategy, and technical collaboration, I can help you achieve successful product outcomes.

I live in Wellington, New Zealand. I'm available for remote work and will relocate for the right role.

If you want to discuss a role or project, email me at